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Name: Stylios Ioannis
E-mail: [javascript protected email address]
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Ioannis is a Researcher in the Info-Sec-Lab of the University of the Aegean and a Technical Scientist at the project CeBMI (Telesig & University of Zilina). Also, he is working as a Tutor and Author at the University of Athens and the University of the Aegean e-Learning. He has written many books & textbooks (Publishers: University of Athens & University of the Aegean) and he has published several works in international and European peer-reviewed scientific conferences and in high impact factor journals. Ioannis has 12 years of working experience on several projects that require knowledge in different fields of Computer Science and mostly on Information and Communication Systems Security.

Ioannis is a PhD Candidate (HFRI scholarship), under the supervision of the Professor Spyros Kokolakis, at the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering (ICSE), University of the Aegean. Research Area: Information and Communication Systems Security. He holds a Master's Degree in Information and Communication Systems Security from the University of the Aegean, ICSE Department and a Master of Education (MEd) in Didactics of Mathematics, Sciences and ICT in Education: Interdisciplinary Approach from the Department of Preschool Education Sciences and Educational Design, University of the Aegean. Ioannis also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications Informatics and Administration from the Epirus Institute of Technology and a Certificate of Engineering, for the completion of two years of coursework, in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Cyprus.

Ioannis has received several honors and awards and the most recent are the following:

  • 2020: Technology Transfer Plan Funding. Ioannis's PhD technology transfer plan was distinguished by the Hellenic Ministry of Labour and the Labour Employment Agency (LEA) committee. Funding 12.000€.
  • 2019: Scholarship of Excellence for Research. Funding by the act "Supporting researchers with a focus on young researchers-Cycle B" of the "Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning" program. Also is co-financed by the European Union. Scholarship amount 15,000€. Total project funding 41.000€. Ioannis wrote the project proposal, in collaboration with Professor Spyros Kokolakis, which was based on the findings and results of his PhD.
  • 2017: Scholarship of Excellence for Doctoral Dissertation. Ioannis was distinguished in the scholarships of HFRI (Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation) among 2.144 PhD candidates (Acceptance rate approx. 20%, funding 23.500€).

Research Interests: Information & Communication Systems Security, Biometrics Security, Continuous Authentication, Mobile Security & Privacy, Internet of Things & IoT security, Blockchain, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Security & Management, Technology Acceptance Models.


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