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We welcome you to the pages of the Geometry, Dynamical Systems & Cosmology Research Group (GeoDySyC) of the University of the Aegean.GeoDySyC is responsible for the teaching and research related to various directions in applied mathematical and cosmological problems, and operates in the Department of Inf. & Comm. Syst. Eng. of the University of the Aegean on Samos. Members of the group have been responsible for creating conditions conducive for research in the areas of mathematical cosmology, dynamical systems and differential geometry, on Samos over the last two decades, while they are in close and fruitful collaboration with various institutions and centers around the world including, Yale University, University of Cambridge, IHES Paris, and CERN.

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Research Areas

Our research focuses in the following areas: Geometric problems of relativistic theories of gravitation, dynamics of homogeneous cosmologies, global aspects of the Cauchy problem for the Einstein flow, nature of spacetime singularities, history & philosophy of relativity and cosmology.

Books (in English)
Global Structure and Evolution in General Relativity
S. Cotsakis and G. W. Gibbons

Mathematical Quantum Aspects of Relativity and Cosmology
S.Cotsakis, G.W.Gibbons

Meetings on Cosmology and Other Issues

8/10/2012 Kepler 16: A Transiting Circumbinary Planet
1/10/2012 Dynamics of Competition
27/09/2012 : 3+1 formalism in General Relativity
Qualitative review of a variety of papers concerning Brans Dicke theory

Lectures on selected subjects of the field are given by distinguised invited researchers as well as members of the group. The lectures take place at the highly equipped e-learning conference room of the Department and are open to the public by contact.

Professor Ignatios Antoniadis, "Mass hierarchies in string theory and experimental predictions"
Assos. Prof. P. Kanti, "Multidimensional Black Holes - Do they exist?"
Dr G. Kofinas, "Gravitational Bremsstrahlung in Transplanckian Scattering - Horava gravity"
Assist. Prof. I. Myritzis, "The central manifold theory and cosmological dynamical systems"

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