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Welcome to the home page of the "Info-Sec-Lab" Laboratory of Information & Communication Systems Security, Dept. of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, School of Engineering, University of the Aegean, Greece.

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Research Areas

Our main research interests lie in the areas of:

  • Security and Privacy Economics
  • Secure eCommerce, eBusiness, eGovernment, eHealth
  • Privacy Technologies
  • Development of Secure Information Systems
  • Smart Cards Technologies
  • Security and Privacy Legal and Regulatory issues
  • Forensics Investigation; Internet Telephony Security
  • Wireless and Mobile Communications Security
  • Privacy and Trust in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Security and Privacy in m-health environments
  • Formal Methods for the Analysis and Design of Cryptographic Protocols

Books (in English)
Digital Privacy: Theory, Technologies, and Practices
Alessandro Acquisti, Stefanos Gritzalis, Costas Lambrinoudakis, Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati (Eds.) Auerbach Publications, Taylor and Francis Group, January 2008

Security and Privacy in Mobile and Wireless Networking
Stefanos Gritzalis, Tom Karygiannis, Charalabos Skianis (Eds.) Troubador Publishing Ltd, February 2009

Intrusion Detection and Prevention for Mobile Ecosystems
Georgios Kambourakis, Asaf Shabtai, Constantinos Kolias, Dimitrios Damopoulos (Eds.), CRC Press, September 2017.

Botnets: Architectures, Countermeasures, and Challenges
Georgios Kambourakis, Marios Anagnostopoulos, Weizhi Meng, Peng Zhou

Books (in Greek)
Συγχρονη Κρυπτογραφία - Θεωρία και Εφαρμογές
Mike Burmester - Stefanos Gritzalis - Sokratis Katsikas - Vasileios Chrisikopoulos

Προστασία της Ιδιώτικότητας & Τεχνολογίες Πληροφορικής και Επικοινωνιών
Costas Lambrinoudakis - Lilian Mitrou - Stefanos Gritzalis - Sokratis Katsikas

Ασφάλεια Ασυρμάτων και Κινητών Δικτύων Επικοινωνιών
Georgios Kambourakis - Stefanos Gritzalis - Sokratis Katsikas

Ασφάλεια Δικτύων Υπολογιστών
Stefanos Gritzalis - Sokratis Katsikas - Dimitris Gritzalis

Ασφάλεια Πληροφοριακών Συστημάτων
Sokratis Katsikas - Dimitrios Gritzalis - Stefanos Gritzalis


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