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Charalabidis Ioannis
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Name: Charalabidis Yannis
Office: Lymperis Building, 2nd Floor
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Yannis Charalabidis is Assistant Professor in the University of Aegean, in the area of eGovernance Information Systems, coordinating policy making, research and pilot application projects for governments and enterprises worldwide. A computer engineer with a PhD in complex information systems, he has been employed for several years as an executive director in Singular IT Group, leading software development and company expansion in Eastern Europe, India and the US. During the last 15 years he has been the coordinator or technical leader in numerous FP6, FP7 and National research projects in the areas of eBusiness and eGovernance (PRAXIS, GENESIS, WEB.DEP, LEXIS, MOMENTUM, FEED, Greek eGIF, Greek Interoperability Centre, PADGETS, CROSSROAD, ENSEMBLE). He is a contributing member in several standardisation and technology policy committees (CEN/ISSS, ETSI, IDABC, SEMIC, INTEROP-VLAB, NESSI, FINES, FIA, Greek eGov/eBus Forum, Digital Agenda 2020). He writes and teaches on Government Service Systems, Enterprise Interoperability, Government Transformation and Citizen Participation in the University of Aegean and National Technical university of Athens. He has published more the 100 papers in international journals and conferences. He is Best Paper Award winner of the EGOV 2008 Conference, Best eGovernment Paper Nominee in the 42nd HICSS Conference and 1st Prize Nominee in the 2009 European eGovernment Awards.

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