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Kritikos Kiriakos
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Name: Kritikos Kyriakos
Office: Β10 - Building Lymperis
Phone: 2273082261
E-mail: [javascript protected email address]
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International Activities

Participation in following European projects (mainly FP7 & H2020):  

  • ARION European Project; Main Result: development of a scientific workflow management system and an accompanying scientific workflow language.
  • S-Cube European Project; Main Results: development of a service quality model & production of techniques / algorithms to support service negotiation.
  • InGeoClouds European project; Main results: development of an LD management SaaS which abstracts away from data publishing complexity while offering novel functionality related to the capability to perform semantic geospatial queries as well as exporting the LD data stored in an INSPIRE-compliant form. Integration of this SaaS into a cloud-based geospatial LD management system able to be scaled on-demand according to the current load.
  • PaaSage European Project; Main results: the CAMEL cloud application modelling language, a security-enhanced MDDB, a KB-based service selection approach for cloud-based applications, and a security-based approach for cross-cloud application reconfiguration.
  • CloudSocket European Project; Main results: extensions to the CAMEL language, a semantic service discovery & selection system, a semantic KPI analysis framework.
  • Melodic European Project; Main results: CAMEL extension on data modelling.
  • Unicorn European Project; Main results: development of a security configuration modelling language, design & implementation of a risk assessment framework.  
  • Functionizer Eurostars Project; Main result: CAMEL language extension to support the description of serverless applications.


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