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Alexopoulos Charalambos
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Name: Alexopoulos Charalampos
Office: Voulgaroktonou 30, 4th Floor
Phone: 2106492411
E-mail: [javascript protected email address]
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National Activities

PLUG-IN project: Provision of basic and composition of value-added interoperable services mostly to SMEs - Enterprise Mashups.

The main purpose of the PLUG-IN project is to investigate, design, develop and operate a scalable platform responsible for publishing, recovery, composition, orchestration and provision of basic and value-added interoperable services covering every phase of the SMEs life-time based on modern technologies and standards. It also deliveres services based on existing operations and systems that will be anywhere and can be viewed and used at any time, according to end-users business needs.

International Activities

ENGAGE (FP7) project: An Infrastructure for Open and Linked Governmental Data Provision towards Research Communities and Citizens

The main goal of ENGAGE project is the deployment and use of an advanced service infrastructure, incorporating distributed and diverse public sector information resources as well as data curation, semantic annotation and visualisation tools, capable of supporting scientific collaboration and governance‚Äźrelated research from multi‚Äźdisciplinary scientific communities, while also empowering the deployment of open governmental data towards citizens. See more at:

PADGETS (FP7) project on Policy Gadgets Mashing Underlying Group Knowledge in Web 2.0 Media

The objective of PADGETS ( is to implement a prototype service for policy makers that utilizes social media technologies and techniques to boost public engagement, enable cross-platform publishing, content tracking and provide decision support. Through the PADGETS platform, policy makers are capable of disseminating their policy messages through multiple social media simultaneously, using a single integrated interface. They are able to reach large user groups in these platforms and collect their feedback, by keeping track of and analysing users’ reactions to the policy message. 

NOMAD (FP7) project on Policy Formulation and Validation through non moderated crowdsourcing and collaboration

Nomad’s ( vision is to provide decision-makers with fully automated solutions for content search, acquisition, categorisation and visualisation that work in a collaborative form in the policy-making arena.

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